father time

This is my little corner of cyberspace I have set aside for general rants, opinions and ideas. Some probably won’t make much sense, some might even be offensive, but they are my own thoughts and I can’t blame anything here on anyone else.

So, just what have I been going on about recently...


Opening shots...

[9 May 2017] It’s almost wall-to-wall elections at the moment, but at least the French did the right thing for once and rejected their far-right looney in favour of a more liberal, centrist candidate. Let us hope that this puts an end to Le Pen’s ambition to drag France to the right. I only hope that UK voters can do the same on 8th June [more...]

Back to the booths we go!

[7 May 2017] At the moment, the big story is the impending General Election. Going to the country early in a snap election is a very risky tactic that can, and often has, backfire on an outgoing government. Theresa May says she wants a mandate to go forward with Brexit, which is probably true. My main concern is that she just might get it! As far as I’m concerned, the best move would be to forget the whole thing and instead work closer with our European neighbours not divorce ourselves and pull of the proverbial drawbridge. [more...]

Who is to blame?

[5 July 2016]  Last night I caught part of a documentary item in which members of the public talked about their reasons for voting OUT in the EU referendum. Once again, the focus of most people’s arguments was immigration. It seems that in most parts of the country you can’t get a job, a doctor’s appointment or a school place for your child because of EU migrants taking everything. [more...]

What next for GB?

[30 June 2016]  Europe and immigration are two issues that have plagued right-leaning folks of Britain for years. If only we could get rid of both, we would be “great” again. Although it looks like the anti-everyone-who-isn’t-us brigade have got their way in truth the referendum result has done little to smooth things over. If anything the cracks in our society are actually getting bigger and more dangerous.[more...]